The blog editorial team introduces itself: Christiane Freitag // Head of Format Development


My marketing career began when I was 7. “More mood.” I thought and scribbled on Papa’s sales folder (he was a representative for a company with the catchy name of ‘Deutsche Nährmittelgesellschaft’ and sold Deutsche Nährmittel – german nutriments). Limited my writing skills, so the concept quickly found: I commented on the pudding varieties with “Hmmm!” and “Yummy!” Dad supported that. It was the end of the 80s. The emotionally charged portfolio was similar to when ‘Tasty’ posted a video on Facebook today, in which a child falls into a cream cake. Hehe. Sweet. But also a bit shameful. Like. The chief cook pressed their fingers on the folder and shouted: “I like!” And I understood. I learned to write, then to text, studied market research and advertising psychology, kept up with various agencies and today create appetizing formats for mmpro.


Native Rhinelander. Bit Ruhrpott in slang. 13 years Augsburg without speaking Swabian. Now I’m one of those who moved to Berlin too late. I like it more human than epic. I like new shows and series formats. I like to rethink things. I like to chat in the afternoon, but no fruitcake with cream. I like 90s advertising (the sentence before was from the Caro coffee-song).

At mmpro …

… I have some furious ideas. At least sometimes. Creating. Concepting. Texting in every tonality. Refreshing pitches. Cold calling only in a warm chatty-tone-mood. And I’m the director of format development. Hello. Wanne chat about a fancy new format?

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