Snackable Video Content

Snackable content is on everyone’s lips. A term that whets the appetite. For more. What hides behind the word and how you can produce bite-sized content pieces yourself, that’s what this article is about. 

The Shapes of Snackable Content

In general, snackable content refers to everything that can be completely understand at first glance in a short time, such as short videos, gifs, quotations and slogans, cinemagrams, memes or infographics. Especially predestined for this are the platforms that are intended for this kind of micro content and where the amount of contributions is limited right from the start. Such like Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, Periscope or the live video and story functions of Instagram.

Snackable Video Content

Snackable content is much more than just a trend. In the face of oversupply on the Internet, your own content quickly reaches the bottom of the attention chain. Unnoticed and unclicked, our little content artwork dies in the shadow of those who rumble loudest. Here’s a simple example: on Facebook, in the face of an overpowering offer, we have just 1.7 seconds to draw the user’s attention to our content. It’s logical that we can do more with colorful pictures and interesting moving image clips than with a simple text. Because before you have even understood what the text is about, the 1.7 seconds are already over. That’s why snackable content is often the same as snackable video content. And this fact is very interesting for us, as mmpro.

Snackable Content Recipe

Here are a few  tips to help you creating successful content canapés:

Less is more – as always. The content remains snackable up to 60 seconds.

The strongest images should always be at the beginning. Whether a spectacular landscape shot, a breakneck dolly ride or the enchanting laughter of the protagonist – these things definitely belong nailed to the beginning with the sledgehammer.

Story is king. No matter how short your video clip is – in order to convince your audience, you need not only great and epic images, but above all one thing: a story. Not everything has to be told from the beginning to the “and then they lived happily until the end of their days”. It’s more about telling a development from A to B that’s entertaining, funny or impressive in some way. The main focus should be on creating emotions, curiosity and suspense.

But: The word story quickly leads to content that expands into a feast. That’s why you ought to stick to one single statement. Short and slim. Snackable content is not the place to get everything in.

Love your audience. The target group should always be kept in view – what interest and please them? How can the good old added value be initiated here?

Consider the format from the get-go. Try to think about which platform to produce for during production. For example, the 1:1 format is suitable for LinkedIn or Instagram. The images of your video can then be designed during production in such a way that they are shown to advantage in this format.

Quality is queen.  All this does not mean that success beckons just because all social media platforms are flooded with lots of very short videos. Here, too, quality takes precedence over quantity. The whole thing only works if it is a high-quality video with the often sung about added value. Especially in a very short video every step should be carefully considered.

Zarah Ziadi
mmpro editorial

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