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Again … another blog.

That’s right, but we just can not help it. We have to. We love corporate videos and we want to write about them, but that’s only the short explanation. Read on for the longer story…

… and imagine the following movie scene:

A stream of workers is leaving a factory area. Regular people, no stars – lots of women and one man with a dog; he is in a hurry. The factory is still emptying, it takes about a minute until the entire workforce has poured into the after hours. A boring movie? Not at all, at least not in March 1895, when the French chemist Louis Lumière presented this film to his audience – because this old flick with the rather unimaginative title “workers leave the factory” is one of the first and oldest films in the world.

Strictly speaking, it is also the first industrial film. And that means the genre can now look back on a good deal of history. Hence it is exciting how it has been developing.

What began as an experiment more than 120 years ago has become a must-have for modern corporate communication in the age of digitization. The design options are now plentiful as well as the topics companies can communicate about today. And aside from all the talking heads stuttering through CEO messages or provincial location portraits, most of the corporate videos are rapidly turning into exciting, emotional pieces that convince customers and business partners.

This has it to do with our blog

On our blog we want to report on the many different formats and the countless design options that exist in the corporate film world. But we also want to inform about our international projects, concept development, offer media training and much more, to share our knowledge with you.

We produce corporate films around the clock and around the globe on any scale in a wide variety of formats and (film) languages. We are driven by our enthusiasm for film and the sincere interest that we bring to our clients in every project. Because we are offenders by conviction.

We’ve ha enough of words. Please feel invited to browse, discover and share your thoughts.

We hope you enjoy diving into the fascinating world of corporate film.

Your mmpro editorial team

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