8 Use Cases for a Corporate Video

Texts claim – films prove. In addition, moving images are easier to consume: They are more sensual, more fun and the makers can influence even better which pictures should be created in the viewer’s head. In short: films are great tools for communication!


Show what’s what

With an image or corporate film, you can show the philosophy behind your organization or company in your own unique way. You become more accessible, which has a positive effect on the perception of stakeholders. Whether for employees, suppliers or consumers, videos can create greater transparency and trust. Forecasts predict that video traffic on the Internet will continue to increase. The time spent on websites will thus be longer and viewers will be able to absorb more information through visual stimulation. Everything speaks for the moving image – but when does video really make sense? Of course, you can also have a film produced for fun – because it’s always fun. But usually superiors want to know exactly which goals are to be pursued with it. In the following we list some cases in which a video makes sense for your company.


Change management

Mergers, layoffs, reforms: A modern company is constantly changing in order to remain competitive – even if it is only the introduction of new software. The communication strategy, which can be efficiently supported by videos to involve and inform both stakeholders and employees appropriately, is particularly of importance here.


Crisis management

Elk test or exhaust gas scandal? Some industries are more at risk of crisis than others. A crisis can cost a company millions. In order to get off with a black eye, the right actions or a well-planned communication management is of enormous importance at this moment. Many large companies are discontinuing many or all communication measures in the wake of looming crisis. Often the tactical consideration of not communicating anything potentially detrimental plays a role, sometimes it is simply a matter of budget cuts or even complete spending stops. Such cuts often first and foremost affect internal communication measures. But whether internal or external communication is involved, the bigger the crisis, the more important it becomes. Proactive and open media behavior can do much to leave the trough behind. In exchange with the press or the affected parts of the public, videos can contribute to clarification, transparency and correction of misperceptions.



Videos are an obvious and popular way of generating the interest of young people. Before someone decides on an apprenticeship or an employment in a company, he or she would like to find out as much as possible about it beforehand. Here a company can present its employee culture and philosophy, because the modern employee attaches importance not only to a good salary, but also to a collegial environment, appreciation and development opportunities.


Awareness/Awareness/Image formation

No one knows your company? Especially not the target groups that play an important role for you? Or do you want to develop a new target group? Do you want economic growth and do you have to struggle with a lot of competition in your field? Then it makes sense to support your goals with a video. This video can be an image film or an advertising spot, a musical in the factory hall or a documentary social experiment. When it becomes viral: Jackpot!



User or brand activation usually takes place via Internet content. Whether product launch or the intention to stimulate the consumer to consume: This process can be accompanied by an excellent video.



In this context, explainer or product videos are particularly important. At trade fairs or on the corresponding channels on the internet – the benefits are obvious: Only in this way can many people inform themselves about the product and decide to purchase it. Of course, this does not only apply to the B2B sector.



Here the borders can run smoothly to the B2B area: Be it a foyer loop, conferences/press conferences or videos to inform journalists and bloggers on the company website: This is where success is shown and innovations are explained.


Internal communication

Last, but not least, videos are also very suitable for internal communication. For the motivation and information of employees, as well as for their identification with the company. This includes messages by the management, the presentation of successes, e.g. in a review of the year, hosted on the intranet or presented at the Christmas party.



Zarah Ziadi, mmpro

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