Corporate Live – The Advantages of Live Streamings

Sure, live is ephemeral or as it is also called among academics “transitory”. Nevertheless, it is often watched – simply because it is live. Live is almost a synonym for real and unadulterated. You should also use this highest possible degree of authenticity for your company.

In addition to authenticity and the unplanned, another aspect plays an important role: the unique. Everything happens now and will never happen again. And this creates a certain urgency for the viewer, or the often-quoted Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). This uniqueness is one of the most important advantages. A video that is always available on demand often tempts the viewer to watch it later when there is time. The character of transient live streaming, on the other hand, is more urgent. Now or never! Live streaming gives the viewer the feeling of having “been there” – perhaps even as one of the first.


And not only that: the viewers are even in the first row and can, if they wish, ask questions under the comment functions and participate in the discussion. This not only makes the whole event more personal, but also expresses appreciation for the customer – which in turn can have a positive effect on the image of your company.

The immediate possibility of participating and discussing also creates a sense of community. Because this community is created organically, the members of such a community are more inclined to recommend your service or your brand.

Live videos offer an opportunity to be spontaneous and make your business human and approachable.

And there is another big pragmatic advantage: The Facebook algorithm prefers live videos to other content. This means that such videos are played out to users much more frequently in their news streams.


And last but not least, there is the Relive. In other words, the whole event can be recorded and put on the net for latecomers. So you can create a video on demand out of a livestream.

Still doubts? Then remember that this principle has already worked on television and still does. It is almost a primordial human urge not to want to miss anything. The live experience should not be confused with a predefined program of other formats, such as feature films or game shows. These are not recorded live and can be conveniently consumed on on-demand platforms, detached from fixed times.

Here are some platforms that are suitable for successful live streaming:

Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Instagram Live, Livestream, YouNow, IBM Cloud Video, Periscope Producer, Belive, Hang w/App and Streamup.

Most of these applications are available for free and enable customized live video streaming. With different focus and different features, the apps are helpful marketing tools. Whichever app you choose: In any case, I wish you lots of fun and success with your next live streaming.


Zarah Ziadi

mmpro Editorial

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