Snackable Video Content

Snackable content is on everyone’s lips. A term that whets the appetite. For more. What hides behind the word and how you can produce bite-sized content pieces yourself, that’s what

Corporate Live – The Advantages of Live Streamings

Sure, live is ephemeral or as it is also called among academics “transitory”. Nevertheless, it is often watched – simply because it is live. Live is almost a synonym for

8 Creative techniques that really exist

Creative techniques. Isn’t that mutually exclusive? A planned procedure and creativity? For a long time, I considered creative techniques to be nothing more than a business idea for meaningless seminars

Storytelling, Auslassung, Dramaturgie

Storytelling: The Art of Leaving Out

Most viewers don’t notice it because it is not there. And yet it’s an important part of the movie that works because it’s missing: It’s the omission. Because no film

Good Briefing, Bad Briefing – 6 Tips for a Successful Project Start

Whether a film project is crowned with success in the end and contributes to the satisfaction of all stands and falls with the briefing. Often the customer himself does not

8 good reasons for a Corporate film

Texts claim – and films prove. Also, moving images are easier to consume. And most importantly, they are more sensual, more fun.  In short: films are great tools for communication!