Snackable Video Content

Snackable content is on everyone’s lips. A term that whets the appetite. For more. What hides behind the word and how you can produce bite-sized content pieces yourself, that’s what

Corporate Live – The Advantages of Live Streamings

Sure, live is ephemeral or as it is also called among academics “transitory”. Nevertheless, it is often watched – simply because it is live. Live is almost a synonym for

mmpro’s Worldwide Network: Moumita – Our Creative Producer in India

We work with a big network of professional filmmakers from all over the world. As different as the requirements of our clients may sometimes be, so different and versatile are

8 Creative techniques that really exist

Creative techniques. Isn’t that mutually exclusive? A planned procedure and creativity? For a long time, I considered creative techniques to be nothing more than a business idea for meaningless seminars

Sounds smooth – 5 voice exercises for interviews

Everyone knows them from their student days: the professor giving the lecture so thrilling that after minutes everyone falls asleep. I had one who, after a lukewarm greeting, dropped his

Storytelling, Auslassung, Dramaturgie

Storytelling: The Art of Leaving Out

Most viewers don’t notice it because it is not there. And yet it’s an important part of the movie that works because it’s missing: It’s the omission. Because no film

Good Briefing, Bad Briefing – 6 Tips for a Successful Project Start

Whether a film project is crowned with success in the end and contributes to the satisfaction of all stands and falls with the briefing. Often the customer himself does not

8 good reasons for a Corporate film

Texts claim – and films prove. Also, moving images are easier to consume. And most importantly, they are more sensual, more fun.  In short: films are great tools for communication!

Landschaftsarchitekt Apekshya Dhungel während der Filmproduktion in Nepal für cimonline.

mmpro produces worldwide series of portraits for GIZ

Over the last years, we have implemented several projects for GIZ and have recently done so again: in Ethiopia, Namibia, Nepal, Kosovo, Colombia, Morocco and Germany. The GIZ [German Society

mmpro Blog Goes Live

Again … another blog. That’s right, but we just can not help it. We have to. We love corporate videos and we want to write about them, but that’s only